China Cabinets: Ten Wonderful Furniture Ideas for a Home

Many interior designers will still suggest having china cabinets in a home for presentation of important pieces. Some people prefer a more sterile and tidy look. Other people have collections they wish to show such as figurines, dolls, silver, plates, teacups, vases and art. I can think of many times when I was in a home and the owner showed me their collection and talked about each piece and why it was sentimental to him or her. The irony is that finding good quality furniture that showcases these treasures is not as easy as it was say twenty years ago. For that reason we put together ten great examples in today’s article. I like that we have covered all styles of decorating from art nouveau, classic, modern and transitional. This way there can be inspiration for all of our readers. Even if you don’t have something to display now, consider what you may inherit from parents or grandparents. That type of history may be something you want to keep in your family and have your kids pass it along to their children.

White china cabinet with purple lighting

How about the fun purple lighting in the above picture?  By using this contrast of color they really draw attention to this piece in a home.  Besides that, what fun lighting to have at night to help illuminate a room.

Small Window China Cabinet with Wood

art nouveau white cabinet with designer trim

Sliding Glass Door China Storage Cabinet

Gray China Storage Cabinet Built In Wall

Here we have a built-in model that fits snugly with the wall.  This is a great storage idea that could replace a buffet table and help alleviate perhaps a lack of shelf space in a kitchen.

Wooden Display Cabinet With Glass Doors

Storage Cabinet Glass Shelves With Mirrored Back

Italian China Cabinet Glass and Wood

This model really minimizes the amount of wood while maximizing the amount of glass.  I find it very interesting there is a narrow mirror separating the two units.  What a great sense of contrast?  The wood also really matches well with the dining furniture and blends well with the soft color of the carpet and rug.

Tall Dark Wood China Cabinet With Legs

Kitchen With Table Buffet and Cabinets

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