Choose Your Own Adventure: 10 Pieces of Unfinished Wood Furniture

unfinished wood furniture
Reclaimed Wood Table from Woodland Creek Furniture

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Sometimes, you just need a piece of furniture to be an exact color — an exact hue — to make you truly happy.  Whether it needs to match the varnish on a companion piece you already own or end up the perfect color that’s nearly impossible to find out there in the marketplace, sometimes we just need to take matters into our own hands to get exactly what we want.  In the case of unpainted, unvarnished objects for the home, unfinished wood furniture is the perfect solution.  And in some cases, the raw pieces themselves are so beautiful au naturel that a clear sealant just might be all you need.  So, today, we’ve rounded up ten inspiration points in the form of unfinished wood furniture, from large objects like tables and outdoor shelters to little things like block sets and bamboo steamers.  It’s kind of cool to come into something whose future is still being written, isn’t it?

unfinished wood furniture
Reclaimed Wood Table from Woodland Creek Furniture


unfinished wood bed
Bunk Beds from Melville Trading Company


unvarnished wood furniture
Haven Low Dresser from Miles and May


unfinished wood baby chair
High Chair & Toddler Chair from Unfinished Wood Furniture Store


unfinished wood objects for home
Building Block Set by Gunma


natural wood furniture
ILLU Outdoor Shelter from Bleu Nature


natural wood furnishings
Nightstand from Room Doctor Furniture


au naturel wood furniture
Unfinished Oak Nightstand by Arne Vodder


unfinished wood table
Unvarnished Table & Chairs from Teak Element


unfinished wood home decor
Bamboo Steamer Set from Rakuten Global Market



High chair & toddler chair found at Unfinished Wood Furniture Store (Columbus, OH).