Choosing the Right type of Bed

There are numerous types of beds for us to choose from these days, platform, canopy, and four poster beds are among the many options. You really need to have a budget in mind while searching for the right type of bed, just bear in mind though, that you may well want to set some of you’re budget aside for any additional bedding items. Remember it’s isn’t merely the bed that contributes to a good nights sleep, you also have to feel comfortable with the bed linen and the pillows, and of coarse there is the type of mattress you will want to consider.
Your most important choice comes when you define what sort of bed you want. These days, there’s a wide variety of choices offered to you, platform beds, adjustable beds, bunk beds, Murphy beds, futons..etc. There’s quite a selection for you out there! You most likely recognize which sort of bed you would like, so we’re going to take a look at each in turn and what there benefits are to you.

A platform bed is generally obtainable in either wood or metal and is offered in just about any size. They are characteristically sleek in design and have a low profile, which can help make your bedroom seem even more spacious. They don’t have any box springs unlike the traditional bed and are therefore a little firmer than the traditional bed is. Some platform beds also have storage underneath which can help cut down on additional furniture in your bedroom.
One of the major benefits of an adjustable bed is that it supports your natural body shape, which helps make sleeping easier and more relaxing. Being able to adjust your bed to a position you find naturally comfortable can help relieve various aches and pains that you may often endure with a traditional bed. It’s also helpful in supporting your back if you want to read or watch TV in bed.
If you’re shopping for bunk beds, then most likely you’re probably shopping with your children in mind. Most children just love bunk beds and will doubtless be more than thrilled to sleep in them. There are however many accidents involving children and bunk beds every year. If you are to buy your children a bunk bed, just be sure to have a word with them and stress there not to play or fight on them. It may also be wise to put the younger child on the lower bunk.
A Murphy bed usually fits into a wall or cabinet, this makes them extremely helpful if you have a small room. When you’re not using them, you simply store them away, which gives you much more room during the day. You will find that they are available in many different sizes.A futon bed can be folded up and also used as a sofa. They are easily affordable and very helpful if you are possibly accommodating a guest.
When you are buying a bed, make sure you do some research on the company that you are buying from and also the bed you are interested in purchasing. A bed is quite an outlay, so be sure that you are getting value for money. A reputable manufacturer will provide you with a long warranty, typically from 10-20 years.
Written by Mark Gardner

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