Cinepolis Headquarters Office Lives on the Edge Of Another Building

Every once in a while we spot an out of the ordinary building that simply has to be shared with anyone passionate about architecture and design. This time around we found the Cinepolis Headquarters in Mexico, an office building that sits on top of a different building that acts as a base. But as you can see in the images below, saying the Cinepolis Headquarters rests on another building isn’t enough to describe this brilliant design. The office is apparently one of the largest cantilevered buildings in the world, and although it doesn’t look like the safest working environment, it will not tip over. The Cinepolis offices would also make a great home, and if you sit on the required cash to build one you should definitely contact KMD Architects, which happen to be the creators of this eco-friendly establishment.

Cinepolis Headquarters Office 1.jpg
Cinepolis Headquarters Office 2.jpg