Colorful Creativity: City Kids Bedroom Collection by Lattas

If you live in a big city, it can be hard finding an apartment with a big bedroom for your little one. However, you can design his small room to be a lovely haven using the right furniture. The City Kids Bedroom Collection from Lattas is made specifically for kids with small bedrooms. The compact unit has a wardrobe, drawers, workspace, open and closed shelves, and a small chair. The collection also includes a small bed and night stand. These furniture pieces can easily fit in kids’ bedrooms no matter how small.


City Kids Bedroom Collection by Lattas

Bedroom Collection by Lattas


Kids’ furniture collections come in many styles, but it’s hard to find one that’s specifically designed for small bedrooms. The City Kids Bedroom Collection is perfect for small spaces and leaves ample room for your child to play. During the day, he can play with his toys on the floor and do his homework on the workspace. At night, he can store everything neatly and get a good night’s rest on the comfy bed. The collection comes in different color schemes and are available in vibrant colors or in neutral colors that will suit your young one for years to come.


City Kids Bedroom



Small spaces are intimate, but they can look unappealing when filled with unnecessary furniture items. If you want to create a bedroom for your child that allows them to rest and play when they want, consider the City Kids Bedroom Collection from Lattas. The space-saving pieces provide a lot of valuable storage without taking up additional floor space. Wouldn’t your children love the City Kids Bedroom Collection?

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