g-one 4
g-one 4

Clean and Simple: G-One Kitchen from Schiffini

Straight lines with crisp form and a businesslike attitude; this kitchen is ready to work for you and look great doing it.  The  is part of the sustainable architecture project imagined by designer Giuliano Giarol.  His creation is just one element in designing a simple, livable space that works with the environment, not against it.  The G-One kitchen is light and bright, with a welcoming feel that immediately incorporates it into a natural extension of your home.


G-one kitchen from Schiffini

Minimalist kitchen


Whether the kitchen is small or part of a large open concept floor plan, the kitchen’s style should never be too distracting or cluttered.  In a small kitchen, too much “design” will make the space feel even more cramped, and in an open layout the kitchen cabinets will steal attention away from the focal point of your choosing and break the room into fragments.


g-one kitchen island

kitchen design ideas


The G-One design by Schiffini beautifully eliminates these common kitchen problems with its fundamental design features.  First, the sleek lines cut a contemporary and geometric shape through your cuisine, but the rounded edges on each corner soften the overall form so it doesn’t appear harsh.  This balance of modern and traditional is versatile and subtle, so it’s suitable for many different home styles.  Second, the doors and drawers of the cabinets and island are handle-free and nearly invisible.  The result, even in large kitchens, is a smooth and unbroken line that flows from one end of the kitchen to the other without interrupting the visual simplicity.  Won’t it be wonderful to have a seamlessly sleek dining area that maximizes both space and style?

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