Clear as Crystal, Black as Night: 10 Gleaming Glass Coffee Tables

Sometimes, you need a coffee table to just do its job.  No fuss, no muss… just hold stuff.  Other times, though, it’s nice to have a focal point in the center of a room, drawing the eye to whatever treasures it might hold — family photos, a prized antique, or just the remote control at the end of a very long day.  Whichever function you’d like yours to serve, today’s roundup has you covered with glass coffee tables ranging from absolutely crystal clear to deep and dark and black as night.  All of them glisten, and all of them gleam, but which side of the force you fall on is completely up to you.

meta table

Meta Table from Made in Hollywood



black glass coffee table

Transparent Black Glass Coffee Table by Koket



cutout glass coffee table

Cutout Glass Coffee Table by Studio Sovet



geometric glass coffee table

F1 Glass Coffee Table by Peter Boy



wavy black glass coffee table

Geo Glass Coffee Table from EW Home Furniture



Japanese glass coffee table

Noguchi Coffee Table Reproduction from Plush Deco UK



angular glass coffee table

Right Angles Table by Jason Phillips Design



X-shaped glass coffee table

The Camden Glass Coffee Table from Tonin Casa



ultramodern glass coffee tables

The Gemelli Coffee Table from Jensen Lewis



ultramodern glass table

The Sectionimal Table by gt_2P


Camden Table found at Tonin Casa.