Closet Design: Inspirational Pictures for Ideas on Remodeling

I made a statement to myself last weekend that I would organize my closet. Like so many weekends I was too busy, and did not get to the task. If you are like me, this probably happens a lot. Nonetheless, I believe that my core issue is having a poor closet design. So this morning, I embarked on searching around for pictures and ideas for “what could be”. The only down side is that closet remodeling can be very costly. On the other hand, a killer closet is a great selling point when you put a house on the market. These pictures are four of the latest walk-in styles from California Closets. For me the hardest element is not picking out a wood color or style, but deciding on what features I need to best organize my clothes. I have thought about taking inventory of my wardrobe and then measuring the space it would take for my preferred method of organizing: whether it is hanging up or folded storage. I think this is the most practical idea I have come up with. Another consideration is thinking about how much shoe storage I will need. Then the over-arching question is what you will need immediate access to. For seasonal wardrobes, your closet organization needs will change.


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