Col-Letto Bed Looks Like a Sleeping Pool

Are you looking for an outrageous bed design? Well then you have found it right here, the Col-Letto bed will surely spice up your sleep. It does look like an indoor sleeping pool with that foam collar rolled up, only it isn’t anything else but a simple bed surrounded by an extra foam frame. The frame of the Col-Letto can roll upwards, giving it the pool form I was referring too or downwards, but then your bed will be turned into just another regular bedroom bed. The piece is available to order and the collar comes in a bunch of colors that will definitely suit your needs and, most importantly, match with the rest of your furniture.

Col-Letto Bed Looks Like a Sleeping Pool
Col-Letto 2.jpg
Col-Letto 3.jpg
Col-Letto 4.jpg
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