decorating living family room in blue

Colorful Wall Art & Furniture by Natural Curiosities

I am not picking on the people who are challenged by real world color coordinating situations, but for those of us who can always use a little help combining furniture and accessories here is a look at the way it is supposed to be done. Here at Furniture Fashion we feel that every dwelling beit home or apartment should have at least one room that explores some color and at least touches on focal points that draw your eye. The folks at Natural Curiosities obviously got that memo and we could all learn a thing or two about pulling various colors together from around the room in a well-orchestrated effort as they have done here and in many more examples on their website.

super cool colorful wall art

Their art is presented in a wide assortment of themes ranging from the warm oranges of the Shades of Summer to the cool blues of Under the Sea each shown with a piece or two of upholstered furniture that even the most seasoned bachelor can figure out. The collection of wall art also includes some really nicely muted tones. The art is available framed and non-framed in some cases and ranges from a modest $75 for some smaller pieces to well over $3000 for a larger more intricate piece.

dec0rating livingrooms with green

The furniture collection is comprised of three items, the Georgia Chair -$2250, Victorine Sofa – $2295 and the tufted KiKi Couch – $4755 all shown here in various colors of Velvet. Some quality features include natural wood accents, exposed nail heads, tufted back and cushions, precision angles and sound structure for a most inviting and comfortable place to relax and enjoy all of the impressive wall art. See the entire collection of furniture and art and shop online here.

decorating living family room in blue

bright colored wall art

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