Combination Convection Steam Ovens offer Versatile Cooking

New on the kitchen scene for those who take their culinary skills seriously is the new wave of combination convection / steam ovens. This innovative dual oven system combines the dry heat of a convection oven with non-pressurized steam in precisely calibrated portions. It is gentle on food preserving shape, color, nutrients, and flavor, without adding anything harmful or fattening. Combined with hot air, steam opens up all kinds of possibilities like steaming, baking, simmering, braising, reheating, and juicing. Two combination convection steam oven that I recommend are the Viking which holds 5 ΒΌ cups of water and cooks at 212 F for 2 hours, and cooks remarkably even with help from a convection fan. $3600 Another model that caught my interest, and sense of style is the Gaggenau model that has a direct water feed instead of a tank for lengthy cooking time. $4650 Available in 24 and 36 inch widths. True these ovens are a good bit more than a conventional oven, but offer an entirely versatile cooking experience for those who enjoy time in the kitchen.
gaggenau combination convection steam oven

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