Concealed Wet Bar in Sideboard to Not Draw Attention

Coming across a concealed wet bar in sideboard opened my eyes about the possibility of discretion.  There is a lot of truth in not drawing attention to oneself in front of friends, family and coworkers.  Alcohol consumption is frowned upon by many people and by others it is applauded.   It stands to reason that having a stash and keeping it away from a roaming eye is beneficial.   People should choose what they share with others.  As a result, that may require additional planning to ensure what is private, remains so.

Taking a closer look a this item shows quite a bit of craftsmanship and forethought went into the design and execution.  Pictured here is Ludwig by the furniture manufacturer Acerbis.  First blush for me was a very minimal and almost abstract piece that does not flaunt a bold color or shape.  Furthermore, when you take an initial glance, the product does not stand out as if the intention of the designer was to create a subtle piece that one must become better acquainted with to fully appreciate.  As a result of this intention and the fact that what lies beneath are spirits, I can see where that was the purpose.
Acerbis low sideboard storage unit

First of all what strikes me is how Ludwig opens up.  It is interesting how it folds down at the bottom and up at the top as opposed to most storage furniture examples that employ drawers to be pulled out.  In short, one can see how cool it looks when all the doors are open.  One simple pull will take the bottom door down, so a lot of force is not needed to open the piece.

Home Storage Example

Sideboard Wet Bar for the Home

As you can see above, the picture shows a concealed wet bar in sideboard concept better than all the rest.  It is a stunning example to see it at this angle.  I am a big fan of illuminating lights to help people see.   There are ample LEDs when the storage unit open which allow the home owner to see easily.  While the discussion focus is on beverage storage, I can visualize how the space could be used to store other possessions as well.

Low Console TV Furniture in Modern Room

low sleek storage furniture





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