Recessed Power Outlets for the Office or Kitchen

Recessed Power Outlets

Recessed Power Outlets

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The down side of more technology is its dependence on power and hence the need for unsightly cables. Power cables and data cables often stretch across the field of vision and detract from the natural beauty of a room.

There are new ways to hide cables in both the kitchen and home office area. I bring up the kitchen area since there are so many small appliances that litter our countertops as well as the television and laptop that have found their way in there.

These concealed examples of data and power outlets might give you some ideas as you build your home office or kitchen. The fact remains that we will continue to have electrical devices so why don’t we plan for them.

Recessed Power Outlets. office desk power source


Recessed Power Outlets. data and power supply on kitchen granite surface
Recessed Power Outlets. concealed data cables underneath desk
Recessed Power Outlets. kitchen counter with hidden power outlet
Recessed Power Outlets. office furniture power integration
Recessed Power Outlets. power strip