Unique Swedish Mora Clocks Made of Concrete

Many beautiful clocks have come out of Sweden like the beloved Mora clocks.  The Mora clock is synonymous with hardworking people and handcrafted clocks of the 18th and 19th century.  Forsberg Form is making their own mark in the world of Swedish clocks with their unique line of clocks that they have been working on for over 15 years.  The new look of a Forsberg Form clock will make people stop and stare.

These Swedish Mora clocks are handcrafted and hand molded from a very unique material for the furniture business.  They are made out of concrete.  The color and materials in these clocks allow for a modern and avant garde look.  Concrete also gives you the ability to take these clocks from inside the home to outside of the home.  The clocks are sometimes accented with other materials such as wood to bring a unique product to someone looking for an original piece in there home that no one else around is sure to have.

Unique Swedish Mora Clocks Made of Concrete

Clocks Made of Concrete

concrete clock design

Forsberg Form Clocks

These are visually minimalistic clocks, but they are anything but ordinary.  They come in different shapes such as round or rectangular.  They also come in various colors such as gray, white, or sand colored.  The stem of the clock even comes in different forms depending upon the look you are going for.

Looking for something smaller?  Forsberg Form offers smaller scale model clocks of the original size to  use on a table or other mount.  These clocks can be a great conversation piece as they are quirky enough to attract tons of attention and still fit in with any modern home design.

forsberg concrete floor clock

Concrete Clocks

All images via ForsbergForm.com

You can find out more about Forsberg Form clocks and their products here.  They also have some other interesting products to view at their website like concrete tables, walls shelves, and wall sculptures.


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