Concrete Slide Lets You Skip So Many Stairs

Building a slide in your own house can be challenging but with enough imagination and plenty of concrete you’ll be able to pull the job in no time. The concrete slide in the modern house presented in the pictures below will help you skip all those stairs when descending, not to mention all the fun it will provide to your kids. The slide is pretty impressive as it will let you spiral down at amazing speeds. Well, okay, maybe you’re not going to experience amazing speeds but sliding down will be a lot faster than simply climbing down two flights of stairs. The concrete slide can be currently found in a house in Indonesia made by Aboday Architects, and besides the slide, the house has plenty of other interesting elements. One of them is the staircase, which will still need to be climbed all the way up after each slide. Via Aboday Architects

Concrete Slide 1.jpg
Concrete Slide 2.jpg
Concrete Slide 3.jpg
Concrete Slide 4.jpg
Concrete Slide 5.jpg