10 Corner Curio Cabinets Ideas 2019

Corner Curio Cabinets Ideas For 2019

Do you have a dull corner or bare nook that needs a bit of refreshing? Does your home have large, open spaces (lucky you!) and you are at a loss on how to fill areas with interest and stylized ideas?

Well, instead of creating clutter or leaving things without a whole lot of design initiative, what about taking something like a storage unit and having fun with the decor process?

Let’s take a look at 10 corner curio cabinets ideas and designs that each have a specific interior genre and ways to incorporate lots of personalities and useful storage space in the process.



Painted mdf wood composite Home Ellsworth Corner Etagere by RiverRidge

Slick and neutral, we love how this cabinet keeps within our favorite interior design trends: modernized style. Black is always in and there’s space enough for both displaying possibilities and organizational needs.

Hide and tuck away extra blankets, the family’s board games or even some magazines and books in the bottom section, and then use the top shelves for displaying parts of your flea market vase collection or other pretty pieces you have been needing an excuse to show off!


Display your collectibles with pride in this lighted curio cabinet.

 This one is a bit more traditional in sense of design and usage. Put away your China or show off your antique pieces with ease and comfort.

Not only does this cabinet have lighting capabilities, to highlight some of your most beautiful and favorite finds, but it’s got the doors to lock away and unwanted visitors.

And the deep cherry wood is vibrant and fits well in a space that has a cozy, yet traditional spirit.



1 Door Corner Glass Cabinet with engraved crystal finish and white gold Leaf

Personally, I am in absolute, head-over-heels love with this crystal-finished, white gold leaf, Victorian-inspired corner curio. It’s luxurious, it’s grandiose, some may say it’s even a bit too bold.

The personality and wild flavors of this cabinet are sure to leave it as a fun focal point and a conversational piece for any room of the house. Pay attention to the details of the case, it’s quite delicate and beautiful, don’t you think?


hardwood corner curio cabinet

This is another great example of a cozy, traditionally styled option. It fits perfectly in the corner with its deep, cherry-hued foundation and has beautiful golden accents for a delicate touch.

Of course, we love the fact that you can not only organize and store items understand in a tucked away fashion, but you can also display your finer decor pieces in the upper half without having to worry about little ones grabbing them off the shelves.


A beautiful display unit is not only enhancing the look of your room, but at the same time it also helps you to organize your collections in a fashionable look.

Is this one not the absolute coolest? Its contemporary style and futuristic vibes give it a great spot to help enhance a chic studio apartment or suave bachelor pad.

Create a wine bar or entertaining area in the corner this piece calls home, or just use it as an easy decor piece for an area that needs a bit of interesting transformation. Of course, the fact that you can organize and take care of your collectables in an easy way gives anyone great benefit.



This oe is a corner wedge with a round front that offers generous room for irregular shaped items.

Another black cabinet that fits in well with a variety of interior design themes and genres, it also has the perfect amount of space for showing off a variety of goodies.

From classic China to souvenirs from around the world, the separate and sizeable compartments make for an interesting and functional option. The mirrored backing from inside also helps to create more space in and around the corner – which is always a plus.



Beautiful Contemporary style will slide comfortably into almost any decor with its sleek contemporary looks

This is another great example of a small but mighty piece of home decor. It’s modern, it’s fashion-forward and will intrigue many a visitor who walk through the door.

Place it in the dining room table, living room or even in your home office for an easy way to display, store, organize and create a room full of ahead-of-the-time thinking and trends.

Again, the mirrored backing will help create the illusion of extra space and light, which is one of the best benefits of interior design and decorating.



Interior lighted with recessed halogen light to enhance the look of your collections.

Truly show off your unique antiques or beautiful collectables with a completely translucent case. The black finish helps to create a slick and edgy modern curve and the rounded stand just amps up the personality and youthful measure.

We would love to see this piece flying solo in a long and wide hallway or even in a bonus room meant for entertainment purposes.



Hand crafted by skilled joiners, the outstanding quality of traditional woodworking techniques are obvious

How could you not love the skilled perfection and homey appeal of this wooden cabinet? Probably one of the most versatile pieces of the pack and can be used for so many organizational and decor needs.

From breakfast nooks to guest rooms, there are literally a variety of ways to make this piece of handcrafted perfection work throughout your home. It can even easily be used as a personal bookshelf for your own choice book collection.



This beautiful style from Pulaski combines traditional elegance and styling with modern functionality.

And maybe we decided to save the best for last. This cabinet has it all. It’s got display possibilities, doors to keep collectables from getting broken or bruised, it’s got the chic style and pops of interesting pizzazz throughout the glass work.

It fits in the corners of any room you have the space for and, my favorite part of decor pieces like this, it has lighting to shine on your most impressive and beautiful pieces. When guests come over, you have just another bit of something special to intrigue them with!



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10 Corner Curio Cabinets Ideas and Designs
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10 Corner Curio Cabinets Ideas and Designs
Let's take a look at 10 corner curio cabinets ideas and designs that each have a specific interior genre and ways to incorporate lots of personality!