10 Crazy Book Storage Ideas for the Ultimate Home Design

10 Crazy Book Storage Ideas for the Ultimate Home Design 9

Consider integrating crazy book storage ideas in your home design.  These wonderful arrangements provide quite a striking visual to family and guests while at the same time address a need for storage and organization.   Books are often a curse and a blessing.  They can be just fabulous to read where anything can happen in the story and you can get lost with the characters.   On the other hand it is a curse in placing them away neatly so as to not display a cluttered or unkempt look in a home.   Our editors found these suggestions to be the ultimate examples of creativity while challenging us away from our perception of the norm.  We hope that you enjoy and hopefully find a gem or two along the way that works in your living space.

10 Crazy Book Storage Ideas for the Ultimate Home Design 10

Our thought here was to start off with one of the more basic models so we can get more progressive as the story goes on.  This is a fun piece in how there are cool shapes such as “L’s” that are way different than what is typically found in furniture stores in the form of rectangles, squares and right angles.

10 Crazy Book Storage Ideas for the Ultimate Home Design 11

My first thought was honeycomb, but in truth this is more abstract.  Bees create similar symmetric sized hexagons and this one is way more obtuse.   You can see how the owner has crammed a lot of novels inside.  I would like to see this with some open space and imagine it would look very nice.  There is a much smaller looking one with open spaces in the back of the picture and I like that look for an accessory so much better.

Crazy Book Storage Ideas for Ultimate Home

Pictured above is a great example of minimalism in how the shelves are very narrow and there are not huge supports holding this structure together.  The amount of weight that can be born on this overall is less than some of the others, but the statement is powerful indeed.  I really like this in a small space.

tree inspired wall mounted home storage

Here is one of the more crazy book storage ideas drawing its design inspiration from that of a tree.  Nature is often a theme in art and you can see it here how artistic the arrangement is and the fact that there are novels on it does not even really strike me.  I see more just the form of the tree and the unique flow of its branches.

stacking storage cubes arranged in artistic way

The above picture to me screams sculpture.  It creates compelling appeal in how the storage boxes are stacked together in a very nonconformist way.   This is another small piece that certainly makes a statement and would be a wonderful addition in the right setting.

10 Crazy Book Storage Ideas for the Ultimate Home Design 12

The theme in the above room is structure and organization.  To me each piece has a purpose and then the wall mounted trinkets are more for display.   Everything looks so planned and thoughtful in how it was put together.

orange color wall storage solution

Tree meets cube in the above example blending the architectural style of both of those elements.  The choice of orange will certainly be noticed in a room, but this could be any color of your choosing.

free standing unusual bookshelves

It is a nice touch in that these are more free standing bookshelves than the others and don’t need to be anchored against a wall.  This product has somewhat an unusual feel to it, but at the same time feels like it belongs.  Thus, to me this is a good transitional risk for a house.

DIY Project of Wall Mounted Storage Cubess

The wall mounted storage here features cubes arranged in various patterns.   What is striking is how many different angles and shapes were created even though the same size box was used over and over.  This could definitely be a DIY project so get inspired and create this for yourself.

10 Crazy Book Storage Ideas for the Ultimate Home Design 13

This looks to be an inverted staircase or ladder of some sort.  This piece is hugely bold and may be too much for many of our readers.