Create a Warm Ambiance with Skema Fireplace by Antonio Lupi

There is certain magic created by a fireplace.  The warm glows highlight the accents of your home while the unit creates the ideal space for gathering and socializing. Modern fireplaces are architectural concepts in themselves, built to enliven and complement the overall interior décor of the contemporary home. The Skema Fireplace, a modular unit, is a perfect example of the structural balance, warmth, and space utilization offered by contemporary fireplaces.


Skema Fireplace by Antonio Lupi

Ideal for both large and small spaces


In conceptualizing this fireplace, designer Mario Ferrarini sought to fuse together the demands for a commercially successful warming solution and the desire for a beautifully designed fireplace that espouses the right dimensions. The result was a modular fireplace with versatile elements that can evolve and explore limitless possibilities. Its flexible nature will maximize and utilize space depending on the dimensional of your interiors. The Skema Fireplace by Antonio Lupi is comprised of autonomous elements including a firebox, wood box, and customizable compartments that can be constructed and reconstructed for optimal space utility. Thanks to their modularity, the elements can be situated above or below the firebox to maximize and enhance vertical spaces in small interiors. A horizontal unit can be created to leverage lengthy spaces.


modern iron wall fireplace design

Helps you to make the most of your space


Skema is constructed entirely from steel and creates a warm ambience and sleek accents appropriate for completing the contemporary décor of your interiors. A choice of Corten, white, or black lacquer for the exterior finishing is available as a timeless embellishment for your fireplace.

How would a modern fireplace change the overall ambiance of your home?


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Skema Fireplace
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