How to Create More Closet Space For Shoes

Creating Space For Shoes in the closet

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A question we are often asked is how to create more closet space for shoes.  Whether you have just five pairs or fifty, shoes take up a lot of space, especially in the closets. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have an entire room as your closet, but let’s face it, most of us don’t. So, we have to figure out ways to utilize every inch of closet space and make room for all of our shoes. They need to be easy to find, easy to see and easy to keep organized. Now let’s take a peek at some easy ways to create more space, even if it’s just an illusion!

Put them all in the mud room.

How to Create More Closet Space For Shoes

One way to easily create more room in the closet, for anything, is to take all of the shoes out! If you have a mud room, or even a laundry room, with extra wall space, then you can create this “wall of shoes” for yourself. Display them all in an organized, tailored fashion. They’ll be easy to find for the whole family and everyone will have a lot more wiggle room in the closet.

Keep them up high.

Creating space in the closet for shoes organizing

Use that extra bit of space between the custom closet walls and the ceiling to stash your shoes, in boxes of course, and with labels would be even better. Or add an extra rack to slip all your flips-flops and flats in to create more space on the floor. It’s better to store higher than lower for smaller closets, all you need is a step ladder to grab them when you need them.

Store them behind the door.

Creating space for shoes closet

The most obvious of solutions is the behind-the-door storage. A rack or even a pocket-holder work super well if you don’t have a large collection. This is the perfect way to store heels or good loafers that you don’t want scratched and kicked around on the floor. You can use every inch of the closet for your clothes while still making room for every pair of your shoes.

Hide them underneath.

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If you’re handy enough you can build a hideaway shelving system for the bottom of the closet and use the top to store your folded, winter sweaters. Buy a large tray and use it to pull your shoes in and out from underneath your hanging clothes. Or, hang several dowel rods to create a makeshift shoe rack if you have a bit of extra space at the foot of your closet. The more organized the easier to find and keep tidy.

Baskets never hurt anyone.

Creating closet space shoes organizing

Sometimes the least obvious answer is the best. Even though they’re not all spaced out in front of you, baskets may be your answer to the closet space blues. Pick out some stylish baskets or cubes to store your shoes in. Stack them on some shelves, hid them in a corner. Just put them in the most convenient and easiest place according to your closet’s design. This works really well for the little ones.