Creative Relaxing: The Weave Bench by Peter Donders

Conceived by the Belgian master crafter, Peter Donders, The ‘Weave’ is an organic bench, molded in a fashion, to leave people bewildered, thinking about the technique and process used to create it. Utilizing the latest in the arena of three dimensional computer graphics and visualization, Donder’s, skillfully executed his philosophy of `Expect the Unexpected’ with this creation.


Weave Bench by Peter Donders

futuristic bench design


The Weave bench by Peter Donders, crafted out of cast aluminum and carbon fiber reinforced with steel wires,  is a fluid, free-flowing design that is further enhanced by the seat resembling a widely spaced steel mesh. Solidly supporting the seat are the dynamic, unconventional legs that behold an innate sculptural quality, making the seat an original, innovative piece in totality, sculpted to complement any space it adorns. Standing lone, without any back or arm rest, the Weave is composed in a way to impart comfort without these adjuncts.


Cast Aluminium and carbon fiber seat


The Weave bench is a rather unconventional piece of furniture, a good fit for outdoors or spaces with a vibrant perky feel to them. Owning the Weave, won’t be a regretful decision as this piece will become your best companion to sit, relax, loosen up and enjoy the treats of nature. Donders has sure enjoyed creating this one. Wouldn’t the Weave bench look great at your outdoor patio?

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