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Modulus Rocker Repurposed Bicycle Chair by BikeFurniture Dot Com

Creatively Repurposed Eco Products

One man’s trash may be another man’s treasure, but in today’s roundup of creatively repurposed eco products, one man’s whatever can be another man’s anything.  With an ever-growing consciousness of the impact production can have on the environment, designers and homeowners alike are finding more and more inventive ways to repurpose common (and sometimes completely unorthodox) items into functional — and even beautiful — furniture.  From transforming bicycles, suitcases, old mattresses and bathtubs into chairs to up-cycling magazines into bases for end tables, the options are truly limitless… as is the offset we can save the earth from experiencing in the process.

Creatively Repurposed Eco Products


table made of magazines


couch made from bathtub


upcycled suitcase


repurposed mattresses


Elements found at Fixr.

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