Crystal Clear: Ultramodern Lamp No. 2 by Andrew Mitchell

If cleanliness is next to godliness, it can probably be stated with confidence that perfect clarity — both literal and figurative — isn’t far behind. UK-based designer Andrew Mitchell has an interesting take on the physical clarity of his Lamp No. 2: “[it] also creates a conscious decision of what bulb type you are using by putting it in plain view. [It’s] a hand blown glass lamp, designed to celebrate the bulb by putting it centre stage.” Indeed, those energy-saving LED bulbs are a smidge more expensive but last months, if not years, longer than their less-environmentally-friendly counterparts, and lamps like Mitchell’s make your choice of lightsource completely transparent — again, both literally and figuratively.  Regardless of what type of bulb you choose, though, Light No. 2’s achingly simple design and timeless spherical shape make it an investment worth considering; the likelihood of it going out of style within this lifetime is low to nonexistent. Indeed, this ultramodern lamp is anything but a fad.


Ultramodern Lamp No. 2 by Andrew Mitchell


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amazing lamp


clear lamp


Photo credits: Coroflot/Andrew Mitchell.