Cushionized Sofa Always Has a Pillow for You

I just spotted this impressive sofa design and knew I simply had to share it with you guys. The Cushionized Sofa is definitely something every living-room should consider. What better way to watch TV or play some video games in your spare time? Not to mention going for a quick nap on top of all those pillows! The sofa, designed by Christiane Hoegner, comes either in white or in colors although I prefer the white version. And while it’s not available in stores, the imaginative designer in you could create such a sofa yourself. Just find enough pillows and design your own, personal Cushionized Sofa. But I’d suggest somehow gluing all those pillows together once the design is complete.

Cushionized Sofa 1.jpg
Cushion Sofa 2.jpg

Cushionized Sofa 4.jpg
Cushionized Sofa 3.jpg