Custom Pool Tables – 12 Amazing Ideas and Pictures

Custom Pool Tables

custom modern pool table

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Custom Pool Tables

Jazz up your bonus room, man cave or playroom with a pool table the whole family can enjoy! What’s great about these fun pieces is they can also become a part of a space’s overall style, theme and ethos.

Which is why we’re huge advocates of finding the design that fits your living space.  This way you not only get a personal touch in one of the most fun gathering spots in the house but you get something that won’t clash with its surroundings, but instead enhance and become an easy focal point to the room.

Let’s have a look at 12 amazing ideas and pictures of custom pool tables and see some of the chicest and most creative finds in the world!


Custom Pool Tables. chrome pool tables


This ultra modern pool table design blends right into the rest of the super chic space. It becomes a perfect accessory to this open room that was made for entertaining and hanging out with your closest friends. And we love how such a fun and playful piece can also be super stylish in look.


Custom Pool Tables. cool pool tables


Here’s another incredibly modern and unique take on a classic design. All of these beauties will work just the same but it’s foundation and shape is where all the creativity comes into play and this one will certainly wow audiences.

Custom Pool Tables. covered pool tables


Of course, there’s always the option of creating a gorgeous furnishing that can also become the dining room table. Bring out the eating surface when it’s time to dine and uncover the top when dessert is put away! This is a great way to utilize space and be incredibly functional!


Custom Pool Tables. custom contemporary pool tables


Super slick and super smooth this futuristic design will do wonders for your man cave or bonus room. There’s definitely a wow factor involved with this custom pool table but there’s also a very masculine and posh feel around its sophisticated shape.

Custom Pool Tables. custom modern pool table


This idea was definitely made with a bit of male energy in mind. There’s nothing feminine about its shape or design and it was made for a basement with a retro or ultra masculine vibe. Of course the contemporary approach makes it still very trendy and stylish.

The metal extending from the top down to the bottom is reminiscent of one of the six pockets to catch balls.


Custom Pool Tables. custom pool tables


This is truly a one-of-a-kind, custom design. This takes the traditional and classic look and gives it a completely 360 degree new angle. This glass piece is such a beauty you may not want to even try playing a game and messing it up!


Custom Pool Tables. expensive pool tables


Similar to its predecessor, this too has a completely different take on the classic look. It’s fresh and futuristic and gives a very luxurious and untouchable appeal to any room its placed it. Wow your friends and family with this beauty, but make sure the room is comfortable enough to have fun in!

Custom Pool Tables. large custom pool tables


This custom model is a great example of taking tradition and pairing it with extravagant, personal features. Classic designs sits atop while the bulky, artistic accents are adding to the bottom of this beauty. Instead of “legs” this table has sculptures to build its foundation.


Custom Pool Tables. metal pool tables


Shining and gorgeous, this is another slick, smooth suggestion that’s perfect for the manliest room of the house. This piece just happens to blend in perfectly with its already modern room and creates an easy and fun focal point to this “play” space of sorts.

Custom Pool Tables. modern pool table with lights


Wow – is the first word that comes to mind as we set our eyes on this interesting and youthful design. Have you ever though of lighting up your gaming table? With a custom idea, that too can be implemented and made happen for your late nights with the gang!


Custom Pool Tables. pool table with car theme


Are you a car lover or is your beau one that enjoys working on classics and hanging out with his buddies in his “man cave” or garage? Well, why not have one of these beauties made with those extra car pieces hanging around. It doesn’t get any more custom or creative than this!

ultra modern pool table


In our eyes, this is the most delicate and beautiful of the bunch, which makes it even more versatile than some of the more masculine designs. This piece can be set in any kind of room from family or basement and go off without a hitch while still looking custom, fashionable and functional!