Custom Corian Coffee Tables from Stuart Melrose

Looking for a contemporary coffee table that you won’t get in trouble for putting your feet on? Thanks to Stuart Melrose and his choice of Corian as his main ingredient, popular urban culture meets twenty first century technology. Melrose loves working with Corian because it combines a special tactile beauty together with durability. According to Melrose he “wants to make quality pieces of furniture that will retain their looks over years to come – so I expect a lot from a material and Corian offers the weight and feel of stone”. All of Stuart Melrose’s furniture is individually hand made to order in the UK with the option of customizing color, size and shape. Here are a look at some of his corian coffee tables that utilize a variety of shapes and creative details, my favorite is the Apollo that features a multi-layers design and circular glass.

Cirrus stuart melrose contemporary corian coffee table

apollo coffee table stuart melrose corian furniture

clear glacier modern corian coffee table