Custom Japanese Ofuro Soaking Tubs

Custom Japanese Ofuro Soaking Tubs 9

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Zen is in, and the ultimate in visual appeal and bathroom relaxation are Japanese ofuro soaking tubs used for centuries to alleviate both physical and spiritual tensions. Traditionally “ofuro” baths were used as a very small soaking tub, being filled with hot water, then emptied at the end of the evening, barely fitting one person. This ancient technique of immersion in hot water takes away tensions and stress, soothes muscular pains, and stimulates blood’s circulation. Roberts Hot Tubs has an ofuro and circular wooden tub collection unlike even the ofuros made in Japan, that do not seep, weep, drip, or leak a single drop of water. Roberts carefully hand selects each piece of wood that goes into their meticulously made ofuros giving each side the appearance of only a single board, with no indication as to how the sides are joined together. All Roberts Hot Tubs and Japanese ofuro baths are made to order there are no standard sizes.