high-gloss sofa in golden fabric
Its wood frame and gold cover complement each other

Cut Corners with the Elisabeth Corner Sofa by Paulo Antunes

A well-decorated home has many positive aspects. It appeals to guests, makes a perfect entertaining spot, and can attract buyers during the selling process. Most homeowners know that décor, especially furniture, has the most impact in a room. Corner sofas are especially popular with homeowners because they maximize both comfort and space, and they do it stylishly. With that said, you can’t just place any corner sofa in your living room; you have to choose the perfect one for your space. Some corner sofas look good in contemporary homes while others look at home in traditional spaces. Others, like the Elisabeth Corner sofa, look good in any space. They blend both traditional and modern materials.


high-gloss sofa in golden fabric
Its wood frame and gold cover complement each other


Made in a wood frame with golden upholstery, the Elisabeth Corner sofa by Paulo Antunes is as stunning as they come. The frame envelopes the seat and back and is left unadorned. It shows off beautiful wood grain. Elisabeth is upholstered at the back and front and equipped with throw cushions for extra comfort. It has flat legs which enhance the striking wood frame. Plush filling makes it the perfect rest spot after a long day at work.


Elisabeth Corner Sofa by Paulo Antunes
Wouldn’t you enjoy lounging here?


Elisabeth will create ample space in your home particularly if you are limited for space. It is long and offers a lot of comfort. It will appeal to your family and guests and help you to manage your interior space brilliantly. Its lively hue makes it a striking focal point in any living room.

Do you like Elisabeth’s distinctive design?


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