Danish Modern Furniture : Finn Juhl’s Model 57 Sofa

The furniture industry has a way of paying its respects to the iconic designers of the past through retro designs that mimic certain qualities. Finn Juhl was perhaps the founder of Danish furniture design and his Model 57 Sofa is as stylish today as it was more than 50 years ago when it debuted in Tivoli. The sculptural lines of this classic Danish Modern sofa are accented by brushed stainless steel legs with wooden toes, and have a completely different look from all angles. See the rest of the Danish modern furniture collection from Finn Juhl. L 2340 x D 830 x H 860 mm, seat height 380 mm

danish modern sofa finn juhl model 57.jpg
retro sofas danish modern furniture finn juhl.jpg
sofas model 57 finn juhl.jpg
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