De La Espada Round Dining Table

Luna from De La Espada is a round dining table featuring construction from solid wood. Luna is available in oak or walnut. De La Espada’s fame is in their solid wood construction. In today’s environment so many manufacturers are looking to cut costs by using veneers, second hand woods, and lower quality timbers. The table top for Luna features a large slab of wood that is very thick. Additionally, the tripod legs have that same thickness and durability. These construction techniques remind me of “old world” quality where furniture in general was made much more solid and built to last a lifetime. A round dining table, such as Luna, is versatile in home decorating where it can work as a featured table or even as a dinette set. The Luna is available in three different sizes and three different finishes. Price: Oak – $4,225; Walnut – $4,695

De La Espada round dining table

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