De Sede’s DS-371 Sofa

We have all heard the comparisons describing how good something can be, well here is one that can be see and felt in person. De Sede is the Rolls Royce of furniture and they back that up with the ultimate in design, materials and philosophy. “Style and comfort are the message behind the de Sede credo: The culture of excellence. There is no place for the mediocre or pedestrian”. The latest from de Sede, the DS-371 sofa by designer Cuno Frommherz is elegant and functional with its flip style back rest that goes flat creating a horizontal shelf. Loose cushions allow versatility and improved seating comfort in the position of your choice while narrow arms maximize space. The DS-371 sofa has a close proximity to the floor which creates a substantial look and eliminates what often becomes trendy hardware that can date furniture. The 371 series is modular and has seating in a multitude of option from sofas in various sizes and depths to sectionals limited by you space or imagination. De Sede hand makes all their furniture in Switzerland with the finest material including leather hides specifically from Germany or Switzerland where the conditions are superior. For those opposed to leather, Microsede is also available as an upholstery option. The product is based on an extremely fine polyester fiber that is 300 times thinner than the finest natural wool fiber. These fibers are processed into flakes and then made into a felt. The de Sede collection also includes an incredible series of modern easy chairs and tables.


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