Improving your Kitchen Functionality with an Island

Your kitchen is one of the most commonly used areas within the home.  But there seems to be one main issue that remains with some which is not enough space.  From not enough counter space to just flat out not enough room to maneuver around.  A kitchen island may just be the solution for this.  Not only will it add space but also storage, seating and an overall attractive visual appeal to the space.  So take a look below at how adding a island can be beneficial to you.

Improving your Kitchen Functionality


Kitchen Functionality

Image via: Laurysen Kitchens Ltd.

An island for smaller spaces could be ideal:

Perhaps your dining space is a bit more intimate than the usual then try putting in an island that can be moved.  The movable island will give you the extra counter space that you need for working in the kitchen.  Plus, give you more space for storing items with the drawers or under cabinets within it.  Or in some cases you can convert the movable island into a dining area, the choice is yours.


Additional storage options for your kitchen:

Having an island can help when you are trying to store your bowls, Tupperware, cook books, etc. that you may not have much space for anywhere else in the kitchen.  Some come equipped with drawers and cabinets that contain pull-out shelving within it to access the items with ease.  That way when you are cooking or just need to get a quick container they are at your disposal. For arm’s reach convenience, many cuisine manufacturers offer planters for fresh herbs and blooms right in the kitchen bar countertop.


kitchen island planter detail

Image via: Bonfigli Design

Add an island to expand your seating:

The kitchen is known as the “heart” of the home, by adding in an island with seating (bar stools or regular stools) you will be adding to that theory.  By providing extra seating in the dining area you can spend more time with your family, because you, your spouse or your kids can all do work while preparing meals.  Plus, kitchen dining is great for entertaining guests for other functions.


kitchen island ideas

Image via: Kenneth Fromme

Improving your kitchen functionality with such furnishings can be a true asset for your dining space.  It doesn’t matter if your cuisine is large or intimate, a kitchen island can add more work space, seating and unique look to your home.  Your personal style, décor and colors within your kitchen will determine which type of kitchen island is right for you.  Now that you’ve seen the benefits, do you think your kitchen could benefit from an island?