Modernize your Bathroom Beautifully: Denovo Water Closet Cover

When it comes to your comfort, every single detail matters. Oftentimes, it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference. If you are redecorating your bathroom or simply want to enhance its comfort, get the Denovo Water Closet Cover by Nuvist Architecture & Design. It is a stunning piece with clean lines and a striking color. Its clear yellow color spells purity and cleanliness. Denovo has been designed for maximum effect. It has a continuous, fluid shape that is very becoming. It will show off your good taste in bathroom accessories and add to the beauty of the space.


Denovo Water Closet Cover

Ergonomic Wall Hung WC Pan


Denovo is inspired by curvilinear geometrics and smooth continuous forms. It is an ergonomic water closet cover made using advanced technologies. It is available in automatic and semi-automatic versions and is a space-saving solution. The water closet cover can be fixed to the wall and does not take up much space. It is perfect for small, contemporary bathrooms. For a complete look, pair it with yellow bathroom accessories. For a striking look that instantly commands attention, pair it with contrasting accessories.


Curvilinear WC Pan by Nuvist


Modern toilets should be hygienic, practical, and ergonomic and they should have additional features that improve their designs. The Denovo Water Closet Cover by Nuvist Architecture & Design is one bathroom feature you cannot afford to miss out on. It will update your bathroom and make it the favorite room in your home. Can you picture the reaction of your guests when they see the Denovo Water Closet Cover in your bathroom?

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