10 Designer Bar Stool Ideas and Pictures

Designer Bar Stool

barstools design ideas

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Designer Bar Stool Ideas

A designer bar stool is becoming an important piece of home decor and has made its way into all types of homes, around the world because of the design and the fashion statement it holds. When deciding to choose this type of stool for your interior, you need to think about style, comfort, and at the same time, functionality.


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Even if the name clearly suggests that these are to be used in bars or pubs, recent years have found new ways to utilize them in kitchens, dining rooms or even patios, next to kitchen islands or home mini bars.

When going to choose the right stool for your home is essential to take in consideration several facts, but most importantly is to make sure that it fits in your room and doesn’t look out of place, by matching the rest of the furniture you already have.

You also need to have in mind what will be the best materials for your new furniture. You can consider metal or woods with leather upholstery for the indoors, while for the exterior you should consider plastics or fiber glass for better resistance in time.

Next, you have to make sure you have the correct measurements of the space you need them to fit in, the width and most importantly the height. You have to make sure you’ll need bar stools and not counter stools because there’s a difference in height, and you don’t need surprises.

Designer Bar Stools

barstools design ideas


When selecting a designer bar stool, prices also have a big importance because there are some you could buy for even under a hundred dollars a piece, usually remakes and not originals or made from lower quality materials, while others will cost several thousands.

Here there’s a clear difference in the quality of the materials used as well as the manufacturer . So you are the only one to decide how long will you need them, and how much you are willing to spend.

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