10 Desk Murphy Beds Space Saving Ideas and Designs


A Few Ideas For Desk Murphy Beds

If you have no idea what a Murphy bed is, that’s where we need to start. It’s simply a wall bed or sometimes even referred to as a “fold-down” bed.

Like we’ve gushed about before, they’re the best at saving space when space is in desperate need. And most importantly, they’re contemporary and hip in the world of interior design as they’re more than a place of rest but a place that exudes fun energy and organization.

But this list isn’t just showing off the bed itself, it’s showing off some desk combination ideas and designs making them, even more, user-friendly and functional!

Let’s take a peek at all of these wonderful ideas and designs and maybe inspire you a bit!


Hidden Murphy Bed

A great idea for a desk murphy bed that offers so much space and usage when away.

Feminine and slick, this fuchsia piece is quite the beauty. And, at first glance, you can hardly tell that it’s anything more than just a modern desk in an apartment-sized space.

But, at night, that desk slips away and out comes a bed to rest on, without taking away from the contemporary visions of the home. We also love how it’s still kept very subdued and not overly bold or harsh with the light charcoal complement.

Creative Yellow Desk Murphy Bed Set

Another stylish idea for a desk murphy bed

Although the bed doesn’t blend in quite as much with this system as it does in others, it provides quite the utilization of space in this room.

The desk area sits on the end of the design as more display and organizational shelving gets tucked away at night when its time to open it up for the night.

We’re also loving this contemporary yellow and black color scheme, full of bold choices!


Desk Murphy Beds

We love this quaint little design that fits into a small space and makes the absolute most of the room its got. During the day you’ll have enough of an area to do what you need for work, school or play and at night all you need to do is pull your cosy bed out from the wall!


space saving Murphy bed design

Probably my favorite desk murphy bed. It looks like it offers so many ideas.

This is such a great way to stock the guest room. Not only can you get some work done throughout the day but at night that office can become a charming little space for your guests to relax and enjoy throughout their visit.

Notice how this photo shows an “in action” shot of how one part of the system tucks as the others come out to play!


Classic style Murphy Bed with Desk

There’s no way the naked eye could tell this one opens up at first glance! And we love that. This traditional office system is such a great way to utilize the one extra room you have in the house, making it both your home office or study space and have a guest room available too!

Close up shop at night and pull out the bed right from the center.

Murphy Bed and Desk for girls room

Create a room full of chic energy and playful excess for your teen with a system that includes a work area for school. This bedroom is chic, stylish and completely trendy – perfect for sleepovers or study groups and definitely worth showing off to all of her friends.

Although the bed is small, it’ll still be big enough for your teen to be cozy and comfy at nightfall.


Red Murphy Bed and Desk

Don’t be fool by a neon shade of coral, it can carry a masculine edge just as much as it can be a feminine counterpart.

For example, the combination makes for a great addition to any bonus room or office by providing an ample amount of work space and fashion-forward style all in a compact and easy design.

concealed space saving Murphy Bed

What makes this system even more unique than the rest is where the bed actually flips out from, and it’s obviously not the bottom of the design!

Once you’re ready for the night – or even if you’re just using this extra space for friends or guests – all you have to do is take grab it from the top and pull down. It’s like an instant bunk, without the bottom bunk! Now that’s definitely a great utilization of space, don’t you think?


Space Saving Wall Bed with Desk

You make think that’s a closet hidden away behind the small, industrial work station. Instead of coming out horizontally, you’ll see a cozy spot coming out vertically from the wall.

There are no specific pluses or minuses to this design, other than the way the system is designed and how it fits your particular room. We love this piece because of its subtly and how non-bulky it truly is.


hidden wall bed and desk

At first glance, you may just think this design is the actual wall of the room, but in fact, it’s a chic and simply made system and organizational uses on the sides and top – perfect if you’re in need of extra closet space! We love the hazy grey and teal colors, but we love how this is actually a bunk bed finish – with two pieces coming out straight from the wall!


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10 Desk Murphy Beds Space Saving Ideas and Designs
Article Name
10 Desk Murphy Beds Space Saving Ideas and Designs
Let's take a peek at all of these wonderful desk Murphy beds ideas and designs and maybe inspire you a bit! There are many styles that are space savers.