Dining Chair Ideas – 10 Contemporary Designs to Consider

Dining Chair Ideas – 10 Contemporary Designs to Consider 9

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Many people reach out to us for dining chair ideas to enhance an existing room or look to the future in changing out furniture.  The market is so massive with so many designs available to consumers.   There are many things to think about when contemplating such a purchase.  First off is how will the space be used?  For example, how often will family and friends sit down to share a meal?  Some people we speak too only use that room for holidays and special occasions.  Others have kids do homework or other school projects.  The use may lend itself to one style over another.  Think also how your home may change in the future if there may be more family moving in, a remodel is planned or young adults are setting off to college.  Lifestyle is an important factor when shopping.

contemporary dining chair idea with interesting backrest

What a fun chair back on this example!  It create a contemporary twist on what would otherwise be a pretty basic shape.  The color choice is bright and pops as well.  It would be fun to tie the upholstery color to place mats and napkins on the table.

black and white stacking chair near table

This picture shows a slim type model that can be stacked up or easily ported around for additional seating as needed.  Black and white create a great contrast and can easily be integrated into a decorative theme.

dining table set with six chairs

glass top table with black leather seating

pair of minimal chairs and table in room

It is a clever suggestion to pair these minimal chairs to a large table base.  This creates a sense of flow to the room and immediately draws the eye of any visitor to this grouping.  I am not a fan of the flooring though as it is too similar to the wall and the mantel and from my perspective, creates too much of a stone appearance.

round table and white upholstered seating

dining furniture with seating for ten people

room featuring green fabric covered chairs

This picture shows the most transitional of all ideas shown in the article.   That being said there is much flair created with the choice of green fabric.  If that color were changed to a more neutral one such as a cream, bone or white, the room would become washed out.

kitchen table and seating for seven

mid century modern table and chair set