10 Dining Room Benches with Storage Ideas


Who doesn’t need a little more space in the kitchen or dining area for storage and organization purposes? Even if you have cabinets and pantries galore, it seems like keeping clutter at bay in the kitchens is hard work no matter what the space has for help – especially if you love to host your own dinner parties and events. That’s why it’s a great idea to have some “hideaway” storage options like benches with compartments, drawers or cubicles to fill. Not only do they act as a unique and trendy seating choice in the dining rooms, but you can find a host of great pieces that have storage opportunities right underneath and inside. Let’s take a look at these 10 dining room benches with storage ideas as some real-life options to inspire your next big move in home organization and style.

Dining Room with custom storage bench

This style runs up against the wall right into the living room to give more seating opportunities while entertaining and more places to organize extra kitchen necessities, shoes and even your vast array media options (from books to Blu rays). We love the chic sliding doors that keep everything inside hidden from eyesight and the smooth edges of the piece, while the light wooden hue helps to combine a traditional feel with a contemporary flair.

Startling Breakfast Nook

We are loving this creamy nook accented by fall-flavored, mustard pieces. There’s something incredibly welcoming and uplifting about spaces covered in bright neutrals, and they’re especially fun to decorate with. This comfy dining seat also has the best of both worlds in style and functionality. It not only has the comfort of a diner booth at your favorite local eatery but it too has storage drawers underneath to keep extra baking pans and entertaining needs kept hidden.

deisgn ideas with storage bench

This spot is quite a bit smaller than a normal dining room section. Instead, it’s more of a breakfast nook, perfect for bowls of cereal in the morning,  tea time with the ladies in the afternoon or sharing a slice of warm, apple pie in the evenings with your significant other. It’s quaint and cozy, but more importantly, it’s got extra drawers to help out with organizing your “junk” spaces (you know we all have them).

transitional family room

Is this dining room bench not gorgeous? With its tufted, velvet and crimson-shaded cover, it’s a beautiful centerpiece for dinnertime and an absolutely gorgeous accent for a chic and modern room. It has a bit of a luxurious, “special time” feel we love for the holidays and special events too. But, when you take a closer look, you’ll notice those posh drawers right underneath where your guests will take a seat. Peek inside to find extra bar needs for nights of entertaining or your holiday cookbooks for when those special days roll around.

Yellow and gray custom storage solutions

Again, we love creamy white spaces, especially when it comes to a dining area. It wakes us up with a smile in the morning and puts us at ease when you’re tired after a long day at work. And this crisp and white-covered nook, accessorized with gorgeous golden yellow and heather grey accents, makes us a little jealous. The modern, fashion-forward chairs, the wooden table and the pillow additions make for a fun, interesting and textural setting. Add that extra storage underneath and you’re having your cake and eating it too – almost literally.

Barnwood Dining Room rustic design

Are you looking for something super specific to match your home’s already made style? Well, this Barnwood model is large, in charge, bold, rustic and has roomy storage cubicles to boot! Imagine this piece in the corner of your dining room just waiting to help out with organizing and seating arrangement. It’s a beauty, don’t you think? We love how functional a piece like this can be but we also love how it acts as a conversation piece that’s trans formative and artistic in design.

 dining furniture ideas

This space combines and mixes so many interior design styles we love, in such a well-ordered and stylish way. From contemporary lines to traditional accents to beach vibes, it’s got a little bit of everything to create a luxurious, “home away from home” feel. Of course, you’ll notice the storage underneath that makes our hearts soar, but the overall ethos of this dining area is absolutely swoon-worthy. The subdued and rich teal tones paired with creams, natural lighting and unfinished wood has a trendy and fun sense we’re loving.

transitional dining room

Storage cubicles can really do a lot, as you can see with this playful, family corner. Traditional baskets for organizing and dividing and a modern table to top off the colorful flair, this is another example of mixing style genres with ease and personality. This may not be the normal dining room area, instead it’s another example of a cozy breakfast nook for quick dinners and casual lunch dates, but it’s still an area of the house that deserves attention to detail and style. Do you also notice that the colors evoke a sense of retro spirits? It’s just another fun accent we believe makes this corner go from average to special.

beach style dining room

A clean-edged bench is really all you need to create a starting palette and foundation for decorating. Then you can easily build your own style all around without being overwhelmed or pushed in a way that, decoratively, you don’t want to go. This bench, made with roomy drawers for ducking away clutter, could easily be paired with a modern, futuristic style, but instead it was taken on a journey to a more cottage, feminine-like route, which is equally as fun and stylish too!

Cary Bernstein furniture

A personal favorite of the set, this modern dining area is flawless. It’s got that crisp and smooth-edged feel that we love in contemporary living, but it’s also got elongated cubicles for storing everything from dirty shoes to books right underneath. Of course the white and charcoal color duo is a plus, as are the tall windows giving off a significant amount of natural lighting, opening up the kitchen and the mealtime area.

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Dining Room Benches with Storage
Let's take a look at these 10 dining room benches with storage ideas as some real-life options to inspire your next big move in home organization and style.