Discover the Comfort of Tempur-pedic Adjustable Beds

If you want to really treat yourself to total comfort, go test out some of the amazing adjustable beds out there. One of the most impressive models is made by Tempur-pedic, and when combined with their Classic 9 inch memory foam mattress it is more than just a bed, it is a functional sleeping system. The adjustable base is controlled by an illuminated wireless remote that will allow you to raise your feet, head, or both in a multitude of positions perfect for sleeping, reading, or television viewing. My favorite feature is the speed variable wave massage system that gently massages your body from head to toe with relaxing waves. One wave setting runs for a short while until you are asleep then shuts off automatically. The viscoelastic memory foam of the Classic 9″ mattress is very pliable and can bend to follow the changing shape of the platform as well as your body offering maximum support. For couples that want their own settings, a dual version allows either side of the bed to be operated individually with a nearly undetectable separation between the mattresses. Prices start at $2400 and go up to around $5500 for a split dual king. In most cases the adjustable bed will assemble within your existing bed frame.
tempurpedic adjustable memory foam beds

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