Doc XL Sofa Turns Into Unexpected Bunk Beds When Needed

Take a look at the Doc XL sofa in the first image below! It looks simple, innocent, ready to accommodate you and your family in your living room, right? Now take a look at the second image there! What you see is an improvised bunk bed ready to accommodate your unexpected guests for the following nights. At the end of the day we’re looking at the same sofa, the Doc XL, which can be extended and turned into a bunk bed immediately. The whole system is pretty daring and it looks like the Doc XL will respond quite fast to your commands and will be easily converted into a bunk bed setup ready for anyone who’s feeling sleepy.

Doc XL Sofa 1.jpg
Doc XL Sofa 2.jpg

Doc XL Sofa 3.jpg
Doc XL-Sofa 4.jpg
Doc XL Sofa 5.jpg
Doc XL Sofa 6.jpg