Double Shot: 10 Cool Coffee Makers

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Linje Wooden Espresso Maker from Oystein Helle Husby

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Yesterday, we took you on a little tour of 10 cool coffee tables.  What good is a coffee table without coffee?  Plenty, perhaps, but still, we’ve been seeing some gorgeous works of art in the realm of java lately and we’ve rounded up 10 cool coffee makers for your brewing pleasure.  Whether it’s an espresso you crave or a simple cup of joe, there’s something sure to strike your fancy in this highly caffeinated — and rather gorgeous — collection.

Double Shot: 10 Cool Coffee Makers



leather latte set



scientific coffee maker set



yellow coffee maker



small espresso maker



chrome coffee maker



minimalist espresso maker



atomic coffee maker



light blue espresso maker



mod euro coffeemaker


Cafe Solo Coffee Maker & Latte Set found at Eva Solo.