Easy Being Green: 10 Great Vertical Gardens

Easy Being Green: 10 Great Vertical Gardens 9

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Even for those of us who aren’t able to use a lawn as a foundation for a garden — that is, city dwellers, apartment renters and others who don’t have access to a personal patch of grass — there’s an emerging trend that encourages us to let our gardens grow on terraces, balconies, patios and even indoors.  Vertical gardens are gaining ground (pun intended) as much for their aesthetic value as for the actual herbs, leaves, oxygen and overall sense of well-being they produce.  Be it a high-tech, self-watering installation climbing up an accent wall or a simple box or series of pots with easy-to-care-for greenery springing from it, the limitations on what to plant and how are bound only by the needs of the plants themselves.  Just add imagination, and perhaps a bit of water and sunlight.  Tada!  It IS easy being green after all.

10 Great Vertical Gardens


vertical gardening


vertical garden


indoor gardens


indoor garden


hanging gardens


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pallet gardening



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