Eco-friendly Dresser from Iannone

With an exterior crafted from environmentally-friendly kirei wood (made from the reclaimed stalks of the sorghum plant) and a natural maple interior, Iannone’s sleek Signature 2.0 Eco-friendly Dresser has touch-release drawers (or a stainless steel handle option) and quietly blends into the room atop stainless steel legs. It stands 30” tall, runs 70” wide and reaches 20.25” deep, with gloss laminate keeping it shiny and clean throughout life’s wear & tear.  The large botanical dandelion graphic spanning its drawers lends the piece has a cool, understated Zen vibe; it doesn’t particularly call attention to itself, but rather, simply does its job quietly, providing subtle Eastern elegance in the bedroom without feeling the need to shout.

botanical print dresser