Eco-Friendly Mini Refrigerator and Food Warmer

This is probably the most amazing mini refrigerator I have seen, and the “green” supporters will love it even more. The “refrigerant free” Eco mini fridge from Ecotopia has a very compact size yet still manages to house 6 liters and chill them down to 15 to 17 º C below ambient temperature on miserly 33 watts power consumption. In addition the Ecotopia also doubles as a heater with the flip of a switch and its thermoelectric system reaches a toasty 55 to 65 º C. This little thermoelectric cooler / warmer is perfect for picnics, or traveling as it works on AC 220 power or conveniently plugs it into a car cigarette lighter for DC 12v usage. H38 x W21 x D28 cm £25.

Eco-Friendly Mini Refrigerator and Food Warmer
ecotopia eco mini fridge portable refrigerator
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