Edgewire Table Simple Design Combines Aluminum and Glass

Not everyone in the room will like the idea of desecrating a Pinball machine and turn it into a coffee table like we showed you the other day so for those people I have an alternative today. The simple Edgewire table designed by Alex Sacchetti might be exactly the kind of table you are looking for. As you can clearly see the table has a very simple yet fashionable design and the Edgewire will fit with various other modern furniture elements in your home. The Edgewire table is made of an aluminum edge that also acts as the table’s legs and a 12mm thick glass top. While that glass is definitely durable, make sure you avoid unwanted accidents by not placing too much stuff on the Edgewire. That’s of course if you decide to go for such a table design in the first place.

Edgewire Table 1.jpg
Edgewire Table 2.jpg

Edgewire Table 3.jpg
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