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Graceful Comfort: Eloisa Sofa and Armchairs by Meritalia

The gorgeous curves of this sofa and armchair catch the eye all on their own.  But the real drama of the Eloisa sofa and armchairs from Meritalia is the contrast between the textures of all the high-quality materials used for each piece.  Designer Tobia Scarpa created a living room suite that is beautiful at first glance, but your appreciation for the Eloisa sofa and armchairs will only grow with close inspection of the details within the graceful shape.


Eloisa Sofa and Armchairs by Meritalia

Cute sofa with Exceptional attention to detail


The elegant upholstery gives this living room suite a soft, plush appearance on the first impression.  Synthetic fibers and filling are extremely durable and the upholstery covers are removable for easy care and a look that stays beautiful.  A single seat cushion for the sofa and large throw pillows further create the inviting feel of the Eloisa. The designer, however, wanted the suite to go beyond a traditional soft appearance.  To accomplish this, Scarpa incorporated other materials — wood, steel, and leather — to create a contrast between soft and hard elements of this sofa and armchair.  The Eloisa sofa and armchairs by Meritalia features a polished metal based serves as the anchor point for a backrest made of vertical wooden slats.


designer sofa and armchair

 larger sofa design ideas


Along the top of the backrest, anchoring the sofa’s support system, a thick leather strap joins the slats and offers structure for the throw pillows.  The dichotomy between the plush upholstery, sleek metal, and rigid wood materials adds visual interest that will generate admiration long after the first glance.  Which element stands out the most to you in the Eloisa living room collection?


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