Emblem Dining Table by The Sofa and Chair Company
This dining table will impress all your guests

Emblem Dining Table by the Sofa and Chair Company: Fine Dining

From renowned furniture house The Sofa and Chair Company comes the posh Emblem Dining Table, a table that provides an exclusive dining experience. The piece boasts meticulous carpentry, a high precision manufacturing process, and first-grade materials. It is exemplary in all ways and will delight you from the first moment you lay your eyes on it.


Emblem Dining Table by The Sofa and Chair Company

Emblem Dining Table


The Emblem Dining Table by The Sofa and Chair Company stands on a striking steel base with a magnificent steel trunk. The base and trunk support a stainless steel top with a smoked grey glass panel. The shiny panel adds appeal to the table making it look grand and spacious. Emblem has a sturdy framework and provides great user comfort. It has very posh and opulent aesthetics and is the perfect spot for fancy dining. It can accommodate up to 14 people and is perfect for those who like to entertain. Get it and throw dinner parties for your family, friends, and colleagues any time of year. The table can be combined with a wide variety of dining room chairs and create an ambiance of luxury living with great finesse.


designer furniture by The Sofa and Chair Company


This gorgeous creation is exactly what you need to infuse a touch of timeless elegance into your dining room decor. It will make you the envy of all your dinner guests. Get it today and enjoy bonding with your family over dinner. Or invite your close friends and entertain them in style.

Do you see yourself entertaining family and friends on the Emblem Dining Table?


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