Woven rope floor lamp design
This lamp is inspired by the Arco floor lamp

Embrace Elegance with the Nest Floor Lamp by Accademia

If you were told that this floor lamp came out of a fairy tale, chances are you would believe it. Nest is designed by Davide Gallo Ouch Studio for Accademia and looks at home in interiors and exteriors. It is part of Nest’s first collection of lighting fixtures. The floor lamp is a fresh take on the traditional table lamp.


Embrace Elegance with the Nest Floor Lamp by Accademia

Nest Floor Lamp by Accademia


Designed to look great both indoors and outdoors, the Nest Floor Lamp by Accademia is a very versatile accessory. It is woven in rope and stands on a powder-coated base. It is somewhat reminiscent of the Arco floor lamp whose design was inspired by street lamps. Davide Gallo Ouch Studio have modified the old design to produce a creative piece that looks stunning in contemporary spaces. The uniqueness of the piece lies in the way the rope is twisted to form a lampshade that is nothing but exquisite. When it is on, it produces a beautiful play of patterns which peep through the weaving. Cleverly designed, Nest Floor Lamp is likely to become your best companion when you’re reading a book on your porch or when you’re enjoying alfresco dining with close ones.


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A perfect accessory for any space, the Nest Floor Lamp by Accademia has been created with modern homes in mind. It will brighten up your day and beautify your home with its luminescence. Use it as a centerpiece during the day and impress all your family and friends.

Are you ready to light up your world with this dazzling lamplight?


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