Zanzariera Bed by Ivano Redaelli bears
Wouldn't you want to sleep here?

Comfort Redefined: The Zanzariera Bed by Ivano Redaelli

A good night’s sleep guarantees a great day ahead. To sleep well, you need a good bed, one that makes you forget about your worries. Zanzariera by Ivano Redaelli is an excellent choice. It is made for those who don’t want to settle for less when it comes to comfort. Witha warm and cozy look, it will make you look forward to bedtime.


The Zanzariera Bed by Ivano Redaelli


The Zanzariera Bed by Ivano Redaelli bears a romantic persona. It is the perfect place to cozy up to your beloved. It is low in height and comes with a mosquito net that makes it more utilitarian. The net is made from pure cotton and dyed in fine hues. It is open on all sides and comes in colors that are fully compatible with the bed. Zanzariera does not need the traditional four posts to support the softly cascading net. It has 4 metal cables that anchor the net from the ceiling. Apart from keeping the mosquitoes at bay, the net creates an enclosure that invokes a feeling of security and safety. It ensures that you sleep with a completely relaxed mind. Zanzariera has been structured on very minimalist lines and works well with any decor style be it contemporary, transitional, or traditional.


Modern bed with suspended canopy


Zanzariera’s low height makes it safe while its surrounding fabric creates a safe haven. It makes a great choice for those who love to sleep in a snug bed with an illusion of shelter. It will add a lot of detail to your space.

Ever dreamt of sleeping in a four poster bed without the clutter?


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