Enhancing Your Exterior Home With Architectural Details

While you may look to your landscaping and gardening areas as the only curb appeal that can enhance your home, but look again. The architectural details of your exterior home can greatly enhance your curb appeal as well. Whether you are trying to sell your home this season, or you just want to give your exterior home a ‘makeover’ – there are several tips to help. The architectural detailing of your outdoor home can be as easy as applying new paint, changing your door hardware, or installing new gutters! Here are some ideas to get you started to a new outdoor home.

Enhancing Your Exterior Home With Architectural Details

Image via: Rachael Boling 

Enhance details that are functional too:

Your exterior home has many functional details such as gutters, downspouts, shingles and roofing components, cladding and exterior materials. All of these components can also beautify your exterior. If you’re looking for a way to add color to your exterior home look to copper gutters and downspouts that will age with a beautiful patina, a green weathered copper look. Consider replacing black asphalt shingles with colorful cedar shanks or a contrasting color to your exterior home. While the exterior of your home needs to work beautifully, you can also choose details that enhance its aesthetical curb appeal.


exterior home lighting ideas

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Don’t underestimate beautiful outdoor lighting:

While you may not realize it, your outdoor curb appeal in the evening is just as important as daytime appeal. In fact nighttime curb appeal is also for safety of guests coming to and from your home, as well as security against intruders. Look to exterior landscaping lighting to illuminate walkways, stairs, driveway and your beautiful plants and shrubbery. On your physical home look to architectural lighting such as wall sconces that can shine up, down or 180 degrees from the wall. Carriage or coach lights placed at your front entry and pendant lighting hung from the ceiling of your entry points are all essential and can enhance your home.

exterior home details

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Your outdoor home should be just as aesthetically pleasing as your interiors. From the colorful materials you use to the architectural details that are often forgotten, such as lighting. Enhance your entry points with simple embellishments: a new coat of paint to your front door will do wonders to perk up your outdoor home. Look to a new door hardware set, replacing address numbers, and even a new mailbox will bring new life to your exterior home. This season, give your outdoor home a makeover with these simple tips for enhancing your architectural details of your home.