Enjoy the Ultimate iJoy 320 Massage Chair

When it comes to the ultimate massage chair, the iJoy 320 is it. The Human Touch Technology is at your command 24 hours a day which is more than I can say for any therapist out there. A remote control allows you to customize up to three 15 minute programs to concentrate on specific areas paying attention to what really needs help. The Human Touch Technology works like wrists, arms, and hands using three dimensional massage rollers resulting in a Robotic Massage that feels remarkably human. The integrated simultaneous calf and foot massager is articulating so that when you recline the back rest, the ottoman automatically rises, too. This action maintains a comfortable position of your legs in relation to your upper body, reducing stress on your spine. As a person concerned about the aesthetic beauty of furniture I am very glad that the iJoy products are a nice contemporary look that will make your back feel better, without making your eyes hurt.

iJoy130 massage chairs