12 Super Cool Esigo Wooden Wine Racks and Wine Storage Ideas

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Wooden Wine Racks and Wine Storage Ideas

Those who love funky wine racks and at the same time are wine lovers will sure enjoy this post about the Esigo Wooden Wine Racks collection.

Other then the wine manufacturers is not often we see a company that loves wine so much. This is the case of the Italians from Esigo. Their passion for wine combined with a passion for design, resulted in a furniture manufacturer dedicated entirely to wine storing. So dedicated that have managed to develop a unique, innovative and patented “Bottle Inclination System”.

Esigo’s Bottle Inclination System varies the angle at which bottles are stored to offer excellent keeping characteristics regardless of the shape and size of bottles. The system its available in the models one, two and three from the classic wooden Esigo Wine Racks collection below.


Esigo wooden wine rack



Esigo 1 is a stand-alone storage system made in solid oak that can hold up to 24 bottles using the patented storage system, but at the same time has a flat surface top which can be used when serving  and testing wine.

Model number two is a much larger wall mounted wine rack, that is able to keep anywhere between 28 and up to 44 bottles of wine. Thanks to the patented system, it holds the wine bottles at just the right angle to guarantee ideal wine storage conditions.

classic wall mounted bottle holder


Third model of the collection, the Esigo Pupitre, is starting to come out of the ordinary designs and take a more contemporary shape. The piece is specially intended for wine cellars and wine shops. Pupitre can hold up to 48 bottles on both sides.


wine cellar storage solutions



The rest of the models from the wooden Esigo Wine Racks collection are starting to stay clear from classic design and wine inclination techniques, having a more contemporary approach that is focusing better on aesthetic and functional values.

Also, the following pieces are available in a wider variety of materials, colors and can even be customized upon request.

From wall mounted units to self standing (with or without wheels) and to small table wine racks, their wood collection is trying to cover all needs of the public and private sector and at the same time create a good communication point when tasting wines or showing samples.


Esigo wine racks
Funky wine rack


contemporary wooden wine rack esigo-4
A simple yet stunning designed wooden wine rack


display cabinet with metal legs



four bottles holder


illuminated champagne display


living room furniture with champagne display



wall monted bottle holder


wall mounted wine storage
Simple and elegantly styled funky wine rack



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